Our areas

La Sala

The best place to have a general view on the site. Enjoy a moment of gastronomy in private, either in family or with a few friends.

The Balcony


Either in a small or bigger group you will discover our menu while contemplating the falls.

Le Deck


Enjoy this place which is over the falls. Here you are in the middle oft he site, surrounded by trees, flowers and butterflies.

La Terrasse


In focus : relaxing, bar and access to the natural swimming pool. Lending of pareos and renting of towels.

The Loving Place


Enjoy a cocktail or a good wine glass comfortably coiled in a couch.

The Dek Noy Place


« Dek noy » means childs in Lao language.

We paid a special  attention to them :

- Special menu for little gastronomes

- Playground

- Booster seats

are at your disposal so that you can quietly enjoy your stay at Carpe Diem.